# 36 

There is no information about this Animita, but it is clear that it was removed perhaps when this road was created to connect the main roads to the smaller pasajes past the park. It is common in chile to replace or return the animitas to their locations as best as can be done, because these are sacred sites.

# 35 Michael Angelo D.C.

location: Bahia Catalina / Tegualda

There is no information other than his name and a photograph honoring Michael.

# 34

location: Bahia Catalina / San Miguel

There is no information at this Animita, only a fading photograph of a group of family or friends remains to explain who this might belong to.

# 33 Angela Gonzalez Gallardo (15/01/1996-13/08/2006)

location: General Arriagada / Las Riendas

This is an Animita for a girl of 12 years who was tragically hit by a Transantiago bus. It is exploding with decorations and new gifts, it is apparent that she is dearly missed by her family and/or the community.

# 32 Juan Carlos Fica …li…gran (16/09/1976-22/10/2012)

location: Calle Sur / Rio 1

We could not stop, we were told by an old man of the area that we should come back early in the day (it was around 6pm) and with a couple of men if we want to photograph Animitas in this area (it was Daniel, the producer, his mother who is in her 60’s, and I working on the project this day), so we took this photo from the window of the car.

Regardless of the above, it seems this man has consistent visitors that lock seasonal decorations and objects in the Animita for him. He must be missed by his loved ones.

According to the location, next to a park on a small quiet road among the public housing, and due to the warning from the older local man, this is most probably an Animita created through street violence.

We were also told by some locals that this area is territory of two different gangs that rival one another. There was story of an Animita representing one gang member that was destroyed by members of the other gang. But we are not sure which one belongs to that story.

We had some close encounters with members of some of the gangs, and we conversed with a few of these members, but we never had any problems. I think because of the nature of our project and our approach to the community, people respect the space around these sacred sites and those who interact with them respectfully.

# 31 Patricio Andres Sanchez L.

We could not spend much time at this Animita and there is no information other than Patricio’s name.

We were warned by an old man when leaving the previous Animita that this is not such a safe place for us to be at that moment, hence the reason we made a photograph from the window of the car.

I can assume from the location of this Animita and the warning we were given by that man, that this was not a death caused by a trafiic accident, but more probably caused by street violence.

# 30 Pedro Raul Espinoza Santelices (28/06/1963-23/05/2007)

location: General Ariyagada / en una pasaje acerca Calle Rio 1

We visited this Animita on a Sunday early evening around 6pm, and as we were photographing it a tall thin bare-chested man, covered in tattoos, with a litre of Escudo beer in hand slowly approached us.

He asked us what we were doing, and we briefly explained the project and asked him if he knew anything about this Animita or any others that might be in the area. He explained that this man was coming home and got electrocuted, perhaps by some fallen electric wires, but he didnt go into any detail.

It is a concern to me that in many neighborhoods all around the city of Santiago, and Chile in general, there are many loose wires that hang down to the streets that have fallen or broken from dated electric pole systems. I always imagine swinging on them like Tarzan, and this concerns me because as a child, you might not be aware that these are life threatening “jungle gym ropes”.

This is an Animita that should represent the changes we need to make in the infrastructure of this developing city, in making it safer for the young generations and to prevent these awful cases, such as the death of Pedro Espinoza.