This is a short Video that I made with my good friend Paula Najera about Domualdito, the Animita close to Estacion Central in Santiago, Chile.

This Animita was made after Domualdito passed away in the 1930’s. This is a rough area of the city in the night. When Domualdito was about 40 years old, he was walking home in this area and two men asualted him in the street, he soon died from loss of blood from a stab wound.

He is an important saintified Animita of Santiago, many people come to him to ask for favors, and many people leave flowers, dolls, candles in thanks for what he has granted them.

# 36 & # 37

location: Guacolda / Vicuna Mackenna

These Animitas are positioned directly across from each other on the same street, which seemingly lacks a dangerous zone of aflection, unless the tragedy of passing was caused from natural causes or a careless driver and innocent walker. There is not information here and while documenting these sites, we lacked informative persons to tell us more about it.

This could be a site of one Animita, the newer brick and the older grey which seemed to have been taken out of the cement and then replaced onto the grass. Either case, it is an interesting conversation between the two, the old and new generations of a sacred site.

# 37 Luis Marcelo Zamorano Farias (? - 15/10/2000)

location: Guacolda / Vicuna Mackenna

There is no information here accept the full name of Luis and his death date.

# 36 

There is no information about this Animita, but it is clear that it was removed perhaps when this road was created to connect the main roads to the smaller pasajes past the park. It is common in chile to replace or return the animitas to their locations as best as can be done, because these are sacred sites.

# 35 Michael Angelo D.C.

location: Bahia Catalina / Tegualda

There is no information other than his name and a photograph honoring Michael.

# 34

location: Bahia Catalina / San Miguel

There is no information at this Animita, only a fading photograph of a group of family or friends remains to explain who this might belong to.

# 33 Angela Gonzalez Gallardo (15/01/1996-13/08/2006)

location: General Arriagada / Las Riendas

This is an Animita for a girl of 12 years who was tragically hit by a Transantiago bus. It is exploding with decorations and new gifts, it is apparent that she is dearly missed by her family and/or the community.